Footballers’ Wines Wine Library

Here you will find all of the wines featured in past shows, Footballers’ Wines Extra Time and a few that we’ve tried here at Footballers’ Wines HQ.


WineCountry of OriginWineVintageABVPriceTasting NotesIf this wine was a footballer it could be:
Château Léoube Petit Rosé Tout Simple FranceRose201212.5%£11.99Easy on the eye, fresh, often attractive to women, and very French! David Ginola
Vinha da Malhada TintoPortugalRed201013%£8.95Crafty, light footed and a Portuguese show stopper Nani
Bruno Murciano La MalkeridaSpainRed201112.5%£9.95Re-discovered, a hidden gem with solid robust finishing; a confident Spaniard! Michu
Pievalta Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico SuperioreItalyWhite201112.5%£10.99Crisp, good value, delightfully Italian and deserves recognition Fabio Borini
Pyramid Valley Grower’s Collection KernerNew ZealandOrange201114%£22.79A New Zealander who is strong, bold and full of stamina Ryan Nelsen
Meinklang Graupert Pinot GrisAustriaWhite201013%£16.75Spicy in front of goal, a rich future and 100% AustrianAndreas Weimann
A-Mano Fiano/Greco 2011, Puglia,ItalyWhite201113%£8.94Light on his feet, exotic finishing and proudly Italian Gianfranco Zola
Bolfan Libertin Pinot Gris CroatiaWhite201113.5%£10.99A Croatian with finesse, creativity and fresh ideas Luka Modric