Andrea Pirlo Wine: Produced in his very own vineyard

This is the story of Andrea Pirlo’s love affair with wine. We hope you enjoy it. If you’d prefer, do read some other footie articles or discover some useful knowledge about wine.

Whilst Italian veteran international Andrea Pirlo is known for his vintage performances in his deep-lying playmaker role, spraying out passes in rich variety, a lesser known fact about him is his love of wine and wine production.

Pirlo grew up in Flero, near Brescia in the Lombardy region of Italy where his father ran a steel business. He grew up in a wine loving family and would walk in the vineyards as a child. Pirlo started out playing for Brescia in the mid 90s and he’s stayed true to his roots by buying a vineyard in hills above the city.  The Pratum Coller vineyard (meaning ‘meadow hill’ in Latin) produces 15,000 to 20,000 bottles of wine each year. Currently making two varieties of red, a rose and a white, the vineyard is looking to expand its range and volume of production.

‘My grandmother had a vineyard here, and as a child I came with my relatives to help with the grape harvest,’ says Pirlo in a interview on his passion for wine which you can watch below.

‘I’ve always drunk wine, ever since I was little and my mother mixed a little of it with water for me. I like to read about wine, to understand it, to try wines from other regions, other labels.’

Like a growing number of wine loving footballers, Pirlo wants to spend more time working with wine after he retires. He aims to expand the vineyard and attract football and wine loving tourists to visit it.

pirlo wine
Andrea Pirlo relaxing in his vineyard, in his pre-bearded era

‘Up until now we haven’t promoted the wine too much,’ he said. ‘We recently opened sales online, so little by little people are starting to know about it. Of course, some fans are curious to try it. But slowly we’ll try to promote it more.

‘We have also been renovating the farmhouse that forms part of the land here with a view to creating a restaurant and rooms for people to stay, somewhere they can come and relax in the midst of nature and also drink the wine.’

Here he is the man himself being interviewed about his vineyard.


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  2. I’m sure Pirlos wine is fantastic I would buy it if available In Australia.


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