Andres Iniesta wine

Andres Iniesta wine

Andrés Iniesta wine: Pure Spanish Class

We’re delighted to be representing winning wines from a World Cup winner. The scorer of the winning goal in the 2010 World Cup Final and one of the greatest players of all time, Andrés Iniesta is behind the Bodega Iniesta (The Iniesta Winery) whose wines have won their own medals at the Brussels and Madrid 2012 competitions.

The wines, like their famous producer, are top class and graceful. They’re also excellent value for money, especially as we’ve got free delivery during the 2014 World Cup.

Bodega Iniesta was created in the 1990’s when Andrés Iniesta’s father, José Antonio, planted 10 hectares of vineyards. After a few years and some encouraging results, the vine-growing area was expanded to 120 hectares. The Iniesta family is in charge of the whole process from the vineyards to the commercialisation of the wines. In 2010, the year Andrés Iniesta scored the winning goal in the world cup final, his first wines were produced.

Bodega Iniesta currently sells two wine ranges of Iniesta Wine. ‘Finca El Carril’ for refined, subtle palettes (think Barcelona under Guardiola) including a red, a white, and a white fermented in oak called ‘Valeria’ named after Iniesta’s daughter. The ‘Corazón Loco’ (Crazy Heart) range, has more powerful flavours (think chelsea under Mourinho) and is designed for less formal drinking. Currently the range is made up of a red, a white and a rosé.

Iniesta, Finca El Carril, Valeria

Finca El Carril Valeria

iniesta wine

Corazon Loco Red

iniesta finca el carril red

Finca El Carril Red

The Corazon Loco Rosé

Corazon Loco Rosé











There are no photos of the Barça player or football references on the bodega’s bottles. A Bodega Iniesta statement explains this is “because we don’t want his fame to be the reason why our wines sell. We want success to come from our wine’s intrinsic quality. And the same goes for pricing; you don’t to pay for the name, you pay for the wine”.

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World Cup Winner Andres Iniesta and his wine