Company Registration in Hong Kong

The Company Registration Hong Kong is an official government agency under the Treasury Board and established in 1993. It is charged with the responsibility of registering all non-foreign direct and indirect enterprises in Hong Kong.
Companies in Hong Kong have to be registered under the Companies Ordinance of Hong Kong. The government will then provide a certificate on the business and will also be required to deposit a certain amount of money. Companies need to follow regulations of a law that gives directions on how to conduct the activities of a registered company. This law commonly referred to as the ‘Compact on Corporate Governance’ regulates the procedures that the directors of a company must follow to make sure that it complies with the laws of Hong Kong. If these guidelines are not followed, the director may be held personally liable for the failure of the company to comply with the rules and regulations.
A registered company can also be registered at a Government Registration Office. This office acts as a liaison between the government and registered companies and is where all official correspondence takes place. Besides, companies also register at the Public Corporations Commission of Hong Kong. This agency is also responsible for the regulation of registered companies.
Also, registered companies can register at other Governmental Offices of Hong Kong. These Offices are responsible for collecting taxes and levies from registered companies and ensuring that they abide by these laws. Companies also need to pay a registration fee at these Offices to apply for a business license, a trademark, and other official registrations.
Companies Registration is one of the essential functions of the Hong Kong government and is carried out in compliance with the law. Any breach of this law will result in hefty fines and penalties. The law states that a company should not be set up to carry out any unlawful act in Hong Kong, and any member of such a company should be treated as a public offender.
The next step is the submission of a request to the Secretary for Company Registration. This request must contain the full details of the company, its address, and contact number.
The next step is the sending of a formal letter to the company’s registered agent. This letter must include all the necessary information about the company.
The third step is the meeting of the company’s directors. They will meet to discuss matters regarding the company and review the company’s documents. At this meeting, the directors will decide whether to accept the application.
The fourth and last step is the final approval decision by the company. The company will be granted a license and a trademark.
All of the above steps are essential for HK company registration. Failure to follow these steps could lead to severe legal consequences and can even lead to a company being closed.
A company must be given its name and registered with the Companies Registry before it can take its place in the market. Besides, it should be able to have a permanent address so that it has a visible address that is listed on the Companies Registry.
Another document that must be given to the Secretary for Company Registration is a trademark. It is necessary so that the company will be able to register its trademark with the United States Patent Office legally.

Company Registration Hong Kong

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