David Beckham Vineyard: The ultimate accessory

What do you get the couple who have everything? Their own vineyard of course.

David Beckham reportedly became something of a wine-buff during his spell as a Real Madrid player. When he moved to Los Angeles to play for the LA Galaxy David spent time in the vineyards and restaurants of the nearby Napa Valley. So when it came to thinking of a birthday present for wife Victoria, David naturally decided to spend a seven-figure sum on a Napa Valley winery of their very own.

david beckham vineyard

David & Victoria Beckham fell in love with the vineyards of Napa Valley during their five years in California

But despite having a perfume, clothes brand, and virtually everything else you can think of with ‘Beckham’ branding, there’s no plans to produce Beckham wine commercially just yet as it’ll just for themselves, friends and family. That may come of something of a relief for the little known, and utterly unrelated, Beckham winery of Oregon.

In other Beckham wine related news, a french Bordeaux named after Beckham was briefly mooted by a wine maker assciated with PSG during the midfielder’s time at the Paris club. But the player’s swift retirement ended any chances of popping that particular cork.


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