Markus Schneider Kaitui Sauvignon Blanc 2012


Winemaker(s): Markus Schneider ABV: 13%
Origin: Ellerstadt, Pfalz, Germany Closure: Screw
Grapes: 100% Sauvignon Blanc Size: 75cl
Life Span: Drink by end of 2014


Once upon a time, Markus’ family were probably clothes makers, because “Schneider” is the German for “tailor”. The Italians say sarto, the French say couturier, Croatians say krojač, and the native Maori of New Zealand say… Kaitui!

Several of Markus’ wines don’t feel ‘Old World’ at all: indeed a wine like Tohuwabohu is closer to the great Bordeaux blends of Stellenbosch than any German red wines we’ve had in the past. Much of this is down to the uniquely microclimate and soils around Ellerstadt, though the winemaker’s skill has a big part to play too.

Being a fan Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, Markus jumped at the chance to make a white wine in that supposedly inimitable Kiwi style, full of hallmark gooseberry and tropical fruit flavours. The vines, which even include clones taking from New Zealand, are planted up in the hills on swift-draining limestone soils and after a lengthy selection of the best grapes, the wine is fermented in stainless steel. The result has more than one foot in the New World, with crisp acidity and the fresh, moreish, juiciness we’ve come to expect and enjoy from all Markus Schneider’s wines.

“Great balance and persistence… Intensity without being OTT. Long and lingering.”  Julia Harding MW

Flavours: Smoky, flinty aromas, with citrus fruits, gooseberries, passion fruit, banana, papaya, mango, vanilla, toast and hazelnuts
Victuals: Terrific with seafood, particularly creamy sauces too. It’s broad-shouldered, tropical fruit flavours should also be a worthy match for barbecued lighter meats such as chicken or pork.