The Mixed Case

Chosen by our wine expert and selected by our footballing guests, this mixed case of three reds and three whites represents a superb value for money and beautifully balanced delivery red button


Mixed case April 14








Markus Schneider Kaitui Sauvignon Blanc 2012

markus_schneider_kaitui_2012_largeAromas & Flavours:  Citrus fruits, gooseberries, green grassy aroma, smoky spices and lots of citrus and tropical fruit on the palate

Chairman’s Lunch: Seafood including rich shellfish like lobster, or perhaps something lightly spicy such as Pad Thai or Laksa noodles

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Kautui bar



Tony Dorigo polaroid
“Fliipin superb this stuff!”

Terre de Mistral, Côtes du Rhône 2012


Aromas & Flavours:  A hazy, deep purple hue gives way to elegant blackberry and raspberry flavours, spicy black pepper and herbs. Drinking until 2015/16

Chairman’s Lunch: Game terrine, pheasant, partridge or a rich, meaty stew and grilled vegetables

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Terre de Mistral bar




Jason Euell polaroid



Chosen by Jason Euell as his ‘wine for the gaffer’ this was a clear favourite from his tastings.

Frederic Guilbaud Muscadet Sevre et Maine Sur Lie 2012

frederick guilbaud

Aromas & Flavours:  Very clean tackling,and tasty. Some ,creamy texture, BUT crisp and mineral, with rich citrus fruit and green apples.

Chairman’s Lunch:  A sea food lunch event with oysters as a great food pairings; but it’ll also be dreamy with mussels,fresh seafood and other shellfish.



Bruna Le Russeghine 2013


Aromas & Flavours:  Masses of wildly aromatic herbs on the nose, like wild fennel, sage and thyme, with ripe fruit such as apricots and peaches, densely mineral qualities and a bitter almond edge to it. Drinking now until 2015/16

Chairman’s Lunch: Seafood and pasta dishes with pesto

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Bruna Russeghine bar

Parcel by Parcel Carmenere/Merlot 2013


Aromas & Flavours:  Muscly and full-bodied but very easy drinking; with the classically velvety Carmenère texture, and here alongside real silky Merlot to round it all off. Carmenère delivers masses of fruit tastes like blackberries and plums as well as savoury spices

Chairman’s Lunch: High tannins in this big signing wine make this a match for beef casseroles and steak



Mario’s Rosso 2012

Marios rosso

Aromas & Flavours:  Fruity red cherry and redcurrant aromas and flavours, with Merlot bringing midfield smoothness, and the Cabernet some up defensive ballast. A spifflicating cracker of a red.

Chairman’s Lunch:  For drinking with pasta, pizza and hearty stews.