Football has always been about beer. But we’re here to change that. Via the website meetup we’ve set up a group for people who love football and enjoy wine (or at least want to get to know a bit more about wine without having to learn all the flowery wine speak) get together to try new wine and watch some football.

All the great countries of world football are, almost without exception, great footballing nations too. So wherever there’s football, there’s wine. And that gives us a great opportunity to organise wine tastings and events themed around football matches, clubs and players.

So if you like your football, and fancy the odd glass of wine, plus the chance to meet new people and expand your wine knowledge, this is the group for you. Simply go to the meetup site, register and we’ll be in touch to let you know of future events.

We’ve just had our first event – a free world cup wine tasting, sponsored by oddbins. We tried 11 wines representing all the countries appearing in the world cup quarter finals. We welcomed ex-Aston Villa, Charlton and Palace midfielder Paul Mortimer as our guest of honour, who gave us a great insight into the world cup in a fantastic Q&A. Below is a video of the event.




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