Footballers’ Wines was set up to make wine more accessible by using the people’s game to take wine to the people. But it’s time to ‘fess up’ that we have a slight ulterior motive. As well as caring about grapes, we also care about grass.

The team behind Footballers’ Wines are involved in trying to save a playing field near our office in South-West London from being bought by a local private school. Right now the fields are owned by the council and are being used by the entire community for all sorts of sport. In particular there’s a lot of grassroots football being played there every week. In an era where councils are slashing spending on facilities like this by up to 60% and over 10,000 playing fields have been sold off since 1979, we need to fight to protect valuable spaces like these to be used and enjoyed by the entire community, not just by a privileged few. The fact that the playing fields are on the doorstep of one of the biggest council estates in Europe only adds to the pressing need to keep them open to all.

A proportion of all proceeds from Footballers’ Wines (such as sales on our own brand wine) goes towards the Dover House Sports Trust, a charitable foundation set up to save the Roehampton playing fields from falling into private hands and keep them open for the whole community. Here’s a video we made to help show what we’re on about, featuring a fantastic grassroots football club that use the fields every weekend.

video by First Take


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